Exceptional Vacations is dedicated to providing high quality vacation opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs.  We ensure a safe tour environment that promotes integration, socialization, friendship and fun. We have professional staff committed to providing our travelers with the experience of a lifetime. 

 The small group size on our vacations allows us to give the necessary attention to the special needs of all our travelers. Our travel packages are all inclusive.  Vacationers only need to bring the desire for a new and rewarding experience.

Exceptional Vacations’ director, Justin Vassi, has a master’s degree in social work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for over 15 years. Justin is dedicated to providing each traveler with a truly unique and rewarding experience. Our travel escorts consist of social workers, teachers, group home and day program counselors, and other caring individuals. All staff have been trained to work with individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs travelers.

We are located in Florida, and are very familiar with our vacation destinations. This helps us provide safe and well planned excursions. All prices include lodging, supervision, ground transportation, meals and all activities. Travelers are only responsible for personal expenses such as souvenir shopping.

If you have any questions please visit Contact Us, where you will find a link to our e-mail address, as well as our address, phone numbers, etc.

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