Who is eligible for an Exceptional Vacation?

Individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities who are 18 years or older, ambulatory, able to travel in a 4:1 traveler to staff ratio, able to care for their own personal hygiene needs independently or with minimal staff supervision, cooperative and considerate of their fellow travelers and staff.  A chaperone can be sent to accompany a traveler for a reduced trip rate. Exceptional Vacations is able to accommodate the needs of most individuals. If individual needs hands-on assistance with personal care, assistance transferring from wheelchairs, or one-on-one care, they may be required to bring their own companion/staff to best ensure their safety.  If a customer uses a wheelchair or needs mobility aids please call our office to discuss prior to registering.   An additional fee may apply if customer requires a lift van, additional care or medical rental equipment. A Mobility Assistance Information Form will need to be completed and sent back to us. 


What’s Included?

Exceptional Vacations’ trips are all inclusive.  The price includes lodging, meals, supervision, activities, and transportation from Palm Beach or Broward Counties, Florida.  When not included in the package price, Exceptional Vacations will arrange air, rail or car transportation for an additional cost.  Travelers may want to bring additional spending money to purchase souvenirs. Travelers will also receive a photo album a few weeks after the trip. If air transportation is included in the package price but the flight exceeds $500, Exceptional Vacations will have to charge additional for the airfare overage.                

How do I sign up for an Exceptional Vacation?

There are several ways to book an adventure with Exceptional Vacations:  Visit our trips page and click on the register button for the trip that interests you.  We will e-mail you the information or call you if we have any questions.  Contact us by phone at (561) 852-0910 or toll-free at (866) 748-TRIP (8747) and speak to one of our staff for reservation information.  

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space.  We will hold your space for ten business days from the date of initial registration.  If the trip is less than two months away then final payment is due.  Final Payments are considered past due at eight weeks prior to trip departure.  Make checks payable to Exceptional Vacations and mail to 9250 Glades Rd, Ste 111, Boca Raton, FL 33434.  We also take MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards.  You can pay online at  or you can call those payments into our office Monday – Friday between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time.  Payment plans and gift certificates are available upon request.

We recommend customers purchase travel insurance. Exceptional Vacations will quote out Travel Safe Classic Plan travel insurance upon registering you for the vacation.  You can also purchase your own travel insurance plan.

What do I need to bring on my Exceptional Vacation?

The most important thing to bring is a valid picture identification card or passport.  For US Citizens, most cruises require either a valid passport, valid passport card or an original or state certified birth certificate along with a valid government-issued photo ID. We recommend travelers bring originals or copies of their health insurance cards.  Travelers may want to bring additional spending money to purchase souvenirs, postcards, or other personal items. (Our staff will assist with money management if needed.)  We ask that travelers limit their luggage to one wheeled suitcase or bag. Separate small bag or large manila envelope for all medications.  Don’t forget your desire to have a unique and rewarding experience.         

What is the Medication Policy?

Exceptional Vacations is committed to providing a safe environment for all our travelers.  We feel that a uniform medication policy is necessary to ensure the well being of all our vacationers.  It is very important for all travelers to follow this policy.  Our staff will assist any travelers requiring help with medication administration, except in the case of injectables.  If a customer requires an injectable medication, such as insulin, and the customer is not able to self administer, a RN will need to be contracted out prior to the trip to perform the injections.  Exceptional Vacations will pass this additional cost on to the customer.  All medications need to be packaged prior to trip departure by the traveler’s family, pharmacist, or program.  The following medication options are available to our travelers:  1) Have the traveler’s pharmacist pre-package medications in blister packs.  Blister packs must include the traveler’s name, medication name, dosage, and time medication is taken.  2) Send medications in the original prescription bottle.  Include details on dosage and time the medication is taken. (Extra Exceptional Vacations medication log sheets are available upon request.)  3) If traveler self-administers medication independently, they may pre-package medications in travel pillboxes.  Pillboxes need to be clearly marked with the days and times the medication is to be taken.  Always include an extra day of medications to allow for unexpected events such as spillage, transportation delays, etc.  Liquids, drops, creams, and inhalants should be sent in their original container with clear instructions.  A master list of all medications, dosages, and times or administration needs to be included with the traveler’s medication at time of trip departure.  All medications must be checked in with Exceptional Vacations staff at time of trip departure.  Medications should be placed in a large manila envelope or small bag labeled with the travelers name.  Medications should not be packed in the traveler’s luggage.  Special instructions regarding medications (i.e. blood glucose tests, blood pressure meters, meds that need to be refrigerated, etc.) need to be discussed with Exceptional Vacations prior to trip departure.  Any traveler who arrives with medications not packed according to these specifications may not be allowed to go on the trip.  Please contact our office at (561) 852-0910 with any questions regarding this medication policy. 

Refunds and Cancellations:

Please see cancellation table below. No shows, late arrivals to a departure site, and refused boarding of a flight or cruise due to lack of proper identification are non-refundable.   

How are the rooming arrangements made?  

Rooms are usually double occupancy.  However, sometimes there are an odd number of males or females on a particular trip.  In those cases one room will be triple occupancy to accommodate the extra person.  Males and females always room separately except in the cases of couples where we have prior authorization for them to room together.  All travelers have their own beds.  We try to match our customers with appropriate roommates based on the traveler’s profile.  Having a staff in the room is not guaranteed. Rooms are booked in close proximity so a staff is always nearby.  If you’d like a single room we can accommodate that for an additional fee.   

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?  

We do not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages unless prior written consent is given.  In those cases we limit those beverages to no more than two per day.  If a customer requests an alcoholic beverage without prior written consent, we will substitute a non-alcoholic version of that drink in order to maintain the vacation experience.  

What happens if a traveler requires behavioral intervention?

In the event a traveler’s behavior is deemed disruptive or a threat to the safety and enjoyment of the community, the traveler will be returned home at their expense and without a refund.  Damages caused will also be charged to the traveler.

 Can I smoke on an Exceptional Vacation?

Yes, you will be allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas during designated breaks.  Please be aware that most hotels are smoke free now.  If you smoke in your room or outside of a designated smoking area you will be responsible for any charges incurred as a result.

Flying with Incontinence?  

Be aware that the airline staff are not permitted to help with personal care functions including help with transfers to and from the restroom.  The airlines require people who require assistance in this area to manage it independently or to travel with a companion.



Our Travel Chaperones are prepared to lead a safe and fun vacation. Customers attending a vacation do so at their own risk, and release Exceptional Services Group and staff from liability for any harm to person or property that may occur. Customers are advised to carry their own medical insurance and traveler’s insurance. Customers who are removed from a trip for medical, behavioral, or psychological reasons are responsible for the cost of their return. Any incidental expenditure incurred by a traveler while on a trip is the responsibility of the traveler, and must be reimbursed to Exceptional Vacations within 30 days of invoice receipt. Exceptional Vacations is granted permission to use trip photographs of a customer for promotional purposes. Receipt of registration package implies understanding and agreement to these terms.  Exceptional Vacations is a division of Exceptional Services Group, L.L.C.  

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