Meet Our Team

Rebecca Hisamoto, Director of Exceptional Vacations

Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Event Management from the University of Central Florida in 2015. Committed to broadening her horizons, she has ventured to more than 40 countries across all seven continents, cultivating a global perspective that enriches her professional endeavors.

Her journey in the realm of service began as a Registered Behavioral Therapist, where she provided support in a clinical environment, specializing in aiding children with autism. This experience not only honed Rebecca's skills in the intellectual and developmental disabilities field but also fostered a genuine passion for advocacy and community engagement.

Recognizing the power of philanthropy, Rebecca has been a steadfast advocate for nonprofits, particularly those dedicated to the intellectual and developmental disabilities population. Her contributions extend to esteemed organizations such as Give Kids the World, where she channeled her energy towards creating meaningful and transformative experiences.

Rebecca has played a pivotal role at Exceptional Vacations since 2016, contributing her expertise to curate exceptional travel experiences. This role not only aligns with her academic background but also allows her to blend her passion for travel with her dedication to inclusivity and remarkable experiences for our travelers.

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