Five Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling with a Disability


Traveling with special needs or disabilities can be a challenging experience.  Take a look at our list of common mistakes to avoid to help you better prepare for your travel.  

1) Not Calling Ahead.  

Call the airline, the hotel,  any provider that you are using for your vacation to remind them that you are coming and the special accommodations that are required.  Even though you notify them when you make the reservation, it is strongly encouraged to call them within a week of your arrival.

2) Checking Luggage with your Medicine.  

Do not pack your medications in your checked baggage.  If your bags are lost you will be without your medication.  Put them in a carry on so that they are with you and guaranteed to make it to the destination.

3) Not Fully Communicating your Needs to your Providers or Travel Agent.  

For example, there are many rooms that are labeled “accessible”.  Some have tubs, some have roll in showers.  Be specific about the details of the accommodations you require or prefer.  If you are traveling with a wheelchair the airlines need all the specifications of the wheelchair you are bringing as well as the level of transfer assistance you need.

4) Not Purchasing Travel Insurance.  

If something happens and you are not able to travel you are likely to lose most if not all of the prepaid funds for your trip.  Do pay close attention to the fine print of your policy.  For example, some have pre-existing condition exclusions.  

5) Not Bringing Extra Medication.  

Sometimes trips get delayed.  Bring one or two extra days of medication in case this happens.  And refer to mistake #2: take your medications with you in your carry-on bag.

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