Travel Helps Youth Transition into Adulthood


There are many challenges as an individual with special needs transitions from late adolescence to adulthood. Many of the opportunities that the individual had while in the school system seem to slowly disappear. Parents work with their adult-child to plan for the future, and determine what course to follow: work training programs vs. competitive employment in the community vs. higher education, staying at home vs. a residential program vs. living independently. This is an important time to take advantage of new opportunities, and help your son or daughter have the chance to grow.

One important component is recreation and travel. Through these areas individuals have the chance to experience the world in a new way. Traveling with friends or groups of new people allow individuals to find themselves in ways that may not have been available to them in the past. Meeting new people and exploring new places is a great way to build an openness to new things and experiences that will be beneficial in all areas of their lives.

Participating in a group of people, which does not always include mom and dad, gives individuals the ability to become more independent. Many times parents will hear feedback from experiences such as these that do not sound like the typical behavior of their son or daughter. Hearing how they tried things that they never tried before, and/or reacted in a way to a situation that was more positive than the way they would usually react. These are just a couple of examples of how individuals can grow in these situations.

Travel provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, community integration, relationship building, and opportunities for independence. The best part is all of these great qualities can be developed in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Provide your son or daughter with the ability to experience all the world has to offer, and watch them blossom in the process.



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