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Travel Helps Youth Transition into Adulthood

There are many challenges as an individual with special needs transitions from late adolescence to adulthood. Many of the opportunities that the individual…

Therapeutic Benefits of Travel

Travel is a wonderful way to escape from the mundane routine of daily life, and it has been shown to provide numerous therapeutic benefits for both mental and… 

Navigating the Airport with a Disability

There are a few things to consider when navigating an airport for an individual with a disability.  Below we address some of the considerations you may need.

Bringing your own Wheelchair:  If you use a wheelchair you will need to notify…

Benefits of a Dude Ranch Vacation

All vacations are a valuable break from the everyday routine.  However, many also serve as powerful tools for therapeutic intervention, especially for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. One unconventional yet highly effective option is a 

Healthy Living: Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness for People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. Focusing on nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness can significantly enhance quality of life, boost physical and mental health, and promote independence. This article provides practical tips and

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

In most cases the answer is a definitive “YES!”  

All individuals, whether or not you have a disability, have the possibility of unexpected issues arising before a vacation. When a tour company is booking group travel they are most likely

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